In 2008, I entered the School of Journalism with one goal in mind:
becoming a travel journalist. 🛫  And I did. For five years I've
made many souls jealous with my dream job. Secretly, I'm the most
proud of this piece of my portfolio. 💛

KampeerKampioen (2016-2022)

I am a camping enthusiast at heart. Whether that is in a tent in
Italy, a tree house in France or in an oldtimer camper in my own
country. However, I wrote about it. A lot, for KampeerKampioen.


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Leven in Frankrijk (2017-2020)

One of the most beautiful magazines about France is this one. It
still makes me happy when I look at my work for Leven in Frankrijk
(translated: Life in France). What made my life as a travel
journalist even more fun is that my partner at the time always
came along as a photographer. Hashtag #couplegoals.

FietsActief (2017-2019)

Three times we were on the road for FietsActief. And while our
French workations were très bon, our trip within the Netherlands
surprised me enormously. Not just because of the nature, but also
because of the way we traveled: with an Tralaluna-oldtimer camper.

Méditerrannée (2014-2018)

Glamorous trips to the Mediterranean: I was in love with this travel
magazine. Not only did editor-in-chief Mariëtte always gave us
plenty of room to write, art director Debby knew how to design
our work in such an amazing way. These articles below are very
dear to me.


travel reports written


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weeks on the road

Skyscanner (2015-2019)


is the reason why I dared to leave my full-time job in order to
fully dedicate myself to freelancing. In four years time, I have
written hundreds of articles, learned everything about SEO, worked
on great projects and visited the head office (à la Google) in
Edinburgh. I’m very grateful for these four beautiful years!


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time at the head office in Edinburgh

✔ Long reads ✔ SEO copy ✔ Landing pages ✔ Press releases ✔ Google Suggest ✔ Content management
✔ Editing

ILoveGriekenland (2017)

When the Greek Tourist Bureau launched a project in 2017 where
100 travel bloggers were going to write about 100 destinations
in Greece, we were the first to follow suit. We visited the East
of Crete and came back with four great articles.

National Geographic (2013-2016)

For my very first publication as a graduated journalist and aspiring
travel journalist, I immediately hit the jackpot: 300 words in
National Geographic Traveler. And in those days you were paid
€0.50 per word. Holy smokes, I was so proud. And I still am, actually.


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