Copy without a goal or strategy is my favourite, because that's
where I can really get my money's worth. Brochures, interviews,
long reads or digimagazines: just let me be creative. 🍊

Drs Leenarts (2022-now)

One of my favourite topics to write about it beauty and health.
Imagine how stoked I was when Drs. Leenarts decided to make
me part of the team!


blogs created


newsletters written


lovely colleague

✔ Long copy ✔ SEO copy ✔ Newsletters

Dot Talent (2022)

I think it’s SO cool when I can help fellow entrepeneurs write down
their story. Even though I know absolutely nothing about their industry
myself. This is exactly what I did for Godelieve & Jitske, two bad-ass
women with their brand new recruitment agency: Dot Talent.

No Nonsense Guides (2022)

Working hard and achieving your dream, that’s what Diede is all
about. With her guides, she inspires women every month with
(no nonsense) advice about fitness, nutrition and health. As a
content coordinator I helped her put together the summer 2022 guide.


digital summer edition


articles written


bad ass entrepeneur

✔ Content management ✔ Content creation ✔ Articles ✔ Editing

NS and NS International (2022)

By the end of last year, I had the opportunity to work on several
jobs for NS and NS International through content agency Yune. One
of the most enjoyable projects I found was the interview series with
five passengers, about their passion for train rides. Click on the
photo for the result! Note: the interviews are in Dutch. (2020-2022)

In August 2020, I decided to take a little break from freelancing
and I dove into the wonderful world of low-carb and healthy foods.
Being back as a freelancer I remain writing for Jasper and I have
made his method my lifestyle. Check out this and this e-book
I wrote about omega-3 and collagen.


digital challenges


book launches


kilo weight loss with Jaspers method

✔ Content management ✔ Digital programmes ✔ Book launches ✔ EDM copy ✔ Social copy
✔ Newsletters ✔ Blog articles

BEAUTSY (2019-2020)

I owe one of my all-time favourite jobs to Jessica from BEAUTSY.
Not only did I work by her side for two years as a copywriter, I
also fell in love with clean beauty (and my bathroom cabinet is
bullshit free).

ONVZ (2019-2020)

ONVZ was one of my clients when I wrote for agency Yune as a copy
writer. For platforms Gids in Gezondheid and Job Werkt I wrote a
countless number of long reads. Even after I left, I continued to
write for them. Note: these articles are in Dutch.

Yellow Rebel (2020)

Yellow Rebel is the go-to supplier of photo books for professional
photographers. When founder Celiça was just starting her business, I
helped her out by writing her website copy.

Carriè (2018-2019)

Until 2021 Carriè was the leading market community platform
for professionals. For eight months, I’ve written articles, social
media posts and content for a monthly online magazine at my desk
in Alphen aan de Rijn. One of the most memorable things? This piece
where I interviewed mindfulness guru: Michael Pilarczyk.


digi magazines made


articles written


months at the office

✔ Blog articles ✔ Social copy ✔ Newsletters ✔ Long reads

DPG Media (2017-2018)

For years I wrote travel articles for Skyscanner and that came
hand in hand with writing a lot of branded content. Like these collabs
with Margriet and Nouveau for example. About travelling, of course.
Note: these articles are in Dutch.

Metronieuws (2016-2018)

In addition to the fact that I was regularly published in the paper
version of Metro (which you used to read every day on the train),
Skyscanner also made it possible for me to do branded content for
the online version of the newspaper. Again, just about travel! | 0616941911

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