The tone of voice, the target group, the knowledge, the feeling.
Writing persuasive copy is a superpower. 🚀
And it's been mine, for over a decade now.
Great content in an engaging format that achieves its goals -
That takes some experience. Let's scroll! 🍋

Werken bij Defensie (2021-now)

One of my most awesome copywriting gigs comes from agency Radancy,
where I’ve started with a monster job in 2021: (re)writing hundreds
of vacancies for The Dutch Ministry of Defence. Not only am I now an
expert in all units, I’ve also had the opportunity to speak to our very
own soldiers.


(ex)-soldiers interviewed


vacancies written


lovely colleagues

✔ Vacancy copy ✔ Event copy ✔ Long copy ✔ Interviewing ✔ Landing pages ✔ Social ads

FX Agency (2022-now)

FX Agency, or FX, as I call affectionally call them, has become
one of my favourite clients. What started with one article,
culminated in the (re)write of seven landing pages to ultimately
writing their Code of Ethics.

Salta Group (2022-now)

From optimizing landing pages to writing articles and from interviewing
student advisors to writing social copy: I work for educational label
Scheidegger, as well as ISBW, Schoevers and Pro Education in the past.


different labels


e-mailflows written



✔ Newsletters ✔ Landing pages ✔ Blogs ✔ Interviewing ✔ Social copy ✔ EDM ✔ Campaigns

Yune (2019-now)

From case videos for Smint, 538, Praxis, Nivea and Vodafone/Ziggo
to visual copy and interviews for NS and NS International: even
though I left my desk as an employee at Yune, I am still part of
the family.

Hellopublic (2022)

In the last two months before my maternity leave, I got to do something
very different from writing for a while: marketing, project management and
content coordination at Hellopublic. Super fun and I’ve learned a lot – and the
first time I had the opportunity to occupy such a high chair.


months as a.i Editor in Chief


different projects


lovely colleagues

✔ Content coördination ✔ Marketing ✔ Project management ✔ Organising and leading Weekly’s

World Signatures (2022)

I love this talent agency, founded by Jolien. We used to work together
before when she was still a video producer, but these days I help her
out with the copy for her beloved World Signatures.

Servero (2022)

Via agency Frequin I wrote the social copy for one of their
clients on a monthly basis: Servero! Known for the fruit and apple
compote in your local supermarket.


cool product


social copy written


happy client

✔ Social copy ✔ Visual copy ✔ Creative copy

Fortis Fysiotherapie (2022)

You know when your physiotherapist becomes your friend?
No? Well, it happened to me. This is why Fortis hires me
to do their content, and I keep seeing them when it comes
to my back.

STAP-budget (2022)

Via agency Brandsinc I started working fulltime from January to March
as a content specialist for NCOI. My job was to create content for
the landing pages about the new subsidy programme of the Dutch
government: the STAP budget. Note: this subsidy will end in 2024.


articles written


hours of blood, sweat and tears


lovely colleagues

✔ Landing pages ✔ Branded content for ✔ EDM copy ✔ Social copy ✔ VO copy ✔ Whitepaper copy

We Do I Do (2019)

If the corona pandemic hadn’t killed this startup, I would have
definitely used WeDoIDo to plan my not-yet existing wedding.
The video, for which I wrote the voice over, remains a gem.

NIO Lifestyle (2015)

I’ve gotten to know the Adolfs sisters back in 2013 when I stayed
in their beautiful villa on a – at the time still unspoilt part of
– Bali. The house that they rent out to tourists who go off the
beaten track had developed into a brand in the last years, called:
Nio Lifestyle. I helped out with press releases and social media. | 0616941911

KvK: 58727108 | btw: NL002283394B44

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