The tone of voice, the target group, the knowledge, the feeling.
Writing persuasive copy is a superpower. 🚀
And it's been mine, for over a decade now.
Great content in an engaging format that achieves its goals -
That takes some experience. Let's scroll! 🍋

FX Agency (2022-now)

More and more companies are finding purpose as important as profit.
So does FX Agency, who is in the process of becoming a B-corp.
Check out their story in this article. More work coming soon!

World Signatures (2022)

I love this talent agency, founded by Jolien. We used to work together
before when she was still a video producer, but these days I help her
out with the copy for her beloved World Signatures.

Werken bij Defensie (2021-now)

One of my most awesome copywriting gigs comes from agency Radancy,
where I’ve started writing a monster job in 2021: the (re)writing of
hundreds of vacancies for The Dutch Ministry of Defence. Not only
am I now an expert on all the units, I’ve also had the opportunity
to speak to our very own soldiers.


(ex)-soldiers interviewed


vacancies written


lovely colleagues

✔ Vacancy copy ✔ Event copy ✔ Long copy ✔ Interviewing ✔ Landing pages ✔ Social ads

Yune (2019-now)

From case videos for Smint, 538, Praxis, Nivea and Vodafone/Ziggo
to visual copy and interviews for NS and NS International: even
though I left my desk as an employee at Yune, I am still part of
the family.

Servero (2022)

Via agency Frequin I wrote the social copy for one of their
clients on a monthly basis: Servero! Known for the fruit and apple
compote in your local supermarket.


months of copy


social copy written



✔ Social copy ✔ Visual copy ✔ Creative copy

Salta Group (2022)

From optimizing landing pages to writing articles and from interviewing
student advisors to writing social copy: for three months I’ve supported
the copy department at Scheidegger, ISBW and Schoevers.

STAP-budget (2022)

Via agency Brandsinc I started working fulltime from January to March
as a content specialist for NCOI. My job was to create content for
the landing pages about the new subsidy programme of the Dutch
government: the STAP budget.


articles written


hours of blood, sweat and tears


lovely colleagues

✔ Landing pages ✔ Branded content for ✔ EDM copy ✔ Social copy ✔ VO copy ✔ Whitepaper copy

Fortis Fysiotherapie (2022)

You know when your physiotherapist becomes your friend?
No? Well, it happened to me. This is why Fortis hires me
to do their content, and I keep seeing them when it comes
to my back.

We Do I Do (2019)

If the corona pandemic hadn’t killed this startup, I would have
definitely used WeDoIDo to plan my not-yet existing wedding.
The video, for which I wrote the voice over, remains a gem.

NIO Lifestyle (2015)

I’ve gotten to know the Adolfs sisters back in 2013 when I stayed
in their beautiful villa on a – at the time still unspoilt part of
– Bali. The house that they rent out to tourists who go off the
beaten track had developed into a brand in the last years, called:
Nio Lifestyle. I helped out with press releases and social media. | 0616941911

KvK: 58727108 | btw: NL002283394B44

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