Short, long, visual, social or video: when it comes to copy, agencies
are sometimes short on textual wizards. Bonus? You get to work with
some awesome brands. 👩‍💻

Digital Content Expert (2022-now)

Yes, my copying skills are crossing borders. I’ve been with Parisien
agency DCE for six months (oui, oui) hires me as a native Dutch
writer for proofreads.

Radancy (2021-now)

For agency Radancy I started in December writing a monster job:
(re)writing hundreds of vacancies for the Ministry of Defence.
In need of an Army, Air Force, Navy or Military Police expert?
I’m your woman.

Yune (2019-now)

Content marketing agency Yune holds a special place in my heart.
If COVID had never been around, I would probably never have left
my desk at Yune. Fortunately, I have been able to continue
freelancing for them ever since. Yay!

FX Agency (2022-now)

More and more companies are finding purpose as important as profit.
So does FX Agency, who is in the process of becoming a B-corp.
Check out their story in this article.

Brandsinc. (2022)

I clicked with Nicolette from Brandsinc right from the start.
In the beginning of 2022 she introduced me to NCOI and I became
part of the team for various projects and brands, such as the
Rijksoverheid, Scheidegger, ISBW and Schoevers.

Frequin (2021-2022)

After a lovely meeting with Annette, it took another year before
I actually started working for Frequin. Since 2021 I am able to
write some great content for this agency, including: social copy
for Servero! | 0616941911

KvK: 58727108 | btw: NL002283394B44

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